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Echo The Savage

Vocals & Instrumental

In search of distinctive, hard-rocking Heavy Metal vocals? Discover the versatile microphone prowess that spans from intense Metal to smooth RnB. With an uncanny ability to alter his pitch, timbre, and emotional delivery, his voice will enhance your track and elevate its brilliance.

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Adam Kenaston

Southern rock Vocals

Seeking Southern Rock, Bluegrass, and Americana tones? Choose Adam Kenaston! His rustic vocals and Southern Rock edge complement his Reggae to Grunge versatility, making him an excellent vocal prospect for your project.

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Hip Hop Vocals

Elevate your music with the soulful and captivating R&B vocals of Kmar Woods. Known for her ability to convey raw emotion and deliver heartfelt melodies, Kmar is the perfect addition to your next track. Collaborate with her today and create a certified banger that will leave a lasting impression. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience Kmar's extraordinary talent - reach out now.

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With over 40 years of experience, meet Will Scriven, your exceptional session guitarist and studio vocalist. At Brave and Fortune Studio, Will offers unparalleled expertise in session guitar work, creative collaboration, and original music production. From funk and R&B to rock and hip hop, his extensive knowledge spans diverse genres. Get in touch with Will Scriven now to elevate your project with his seasoned skills.

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Rap vocals

Introducing Bremer Baden, a skilled studio vocalist specializing in rap and hip-hop. With a natural flow and a knack for delivering powerful lyrics, Bremer brings an undeniable energy and charisma to every track. Whether you need smooth and melodic hooks or hard-hitting verses, Bremer's versatility and lyrical prowess will elevate your rap and hip-hop compositions. Trust Bremer Baden to bring your music to life with his exceptional vocal talent and unique style. Get ready to make an impact with Bremer's unforgettable performances in the world of rap and hip-hop.

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Andrew Dodge


Meet Andrew Dodge, an exceptional studio guitarist with a jazz background and influenced by guitar legends like Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan. Having honed his skills while wowing audiences on cruise ships, he's now ready to infuse your tracks with his incredible talent. Whether you need electrifying shredding solos or mind-blowing compositions, Andrew's mastery will take your music to new heights. Don't miss the opportunity to work with a guitarist influenced by the best in the business - Andrew Dodge is ready to elevate your sound.

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Kyle Ruppel

EDM Producer / Guitar

Introducing Kyle Ruppel, a versatile artist known for his expertise in electronic sound design and proficient 9, 7, and 8-string guitar playing. Experience his captivating EDM productions and the fusion of metal elements in his music. Kyle Ruppel - pushing boundaries in electronic and metal music.

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Cj Mickens

Pop / R&B / Gospel Vocals

Experience the extraordinary vocal talent of CJ Mickens in pop, R&B, and gospel music. Elevate your project with CJ's soulful performances and impeccable skills. Unleash the power of music with CJ Mickens Vocal Services.

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Trevor sheraer


Introducing Trevor Sherar, our standout Studio Bass Player specializing in funk, rock, and metal. Elevate your tracks with his incredible groove and precision. Unleash the power of music with Trevor Sherar Studio Bass Player.

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Peyton Abbrams

DJ / vinyl scratching

Meet Peyton, your versatile go-to artist for DJ vinyl scratches, EDM sound designs, guitar playing, and mixing engineering. With a prolific skill set and a commitment to excellence, Peyton elevates tracks to new heights. Experience the exceptional creativity and expertise of Peyton for all your music needs.

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Sam Nyborg


Introducing Sam Nyborg, an influential drummer deeply inspired by the progressive and math rock genres. With a unique blend of intricate rhythms and technical prowess, Sam brings a dynamic and precise energy to every beat. Influenced by icons in the progressive and math rock scenes, his drumming style creates a captivating and unconventional musical experience. Elevate your tracks with Sam's super sick drums. Prepare to add some serious rhythm to your tracks.

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Kevin lowder

vocals / song writer

Meet Kevin Lowder, a soulful pop and R&B vocalist who delivers captivating performances. With his dynamic range and heartfelt delivery, Kevin brings depth and emotion to every track. Elevate your music with his soulful edge.

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Looking for top-notch sax or flute skills? Look no further than Matt Sulukowski, a highly experienced musician with over 15 years of expertise. With a profound understanding of music theory and live music arrangement, Matt can effortlessly enhance any production and flawlessly execute a wide range of sheet music. Whether you desire a sultry sax line for your rock ballad or some smooth jazz flute, Matt has got you covered. Get in touch today to elevate your music to the next level.

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Chris Foster, the versatile studio drummer, has been playing his whole life. From R&B funk to rock and metal collaborations, his experience with artists like Ronnie Foster, Harvey Mason, and Peter Michael Escovedo is unmatched. Contact Chris Foster now for a drummer with a lifetime of skill.

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The End Result 

It is my goal to make sure that by the end of our program you are well on your way to being a self-sufficient entrepreneur in the world of music entertainment. I hope that you will trust me to guide you through this journey and that new partnerships conform out of this training. Congratulations on taking the first steps to controlling your future in the music business.

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